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Audi R8 Owner Andrew Poole a Contestant on “The Bachelorette”

Just in case it’s not on your radar, we feel the need to call your attention to the new season of The Bachelorette on ABC. Maybe you already watch it because your significant other is a fan, or maybe you secretly are a fan yourself. Maybe you don’t watch it. Whatever. We think you should, and also make sure to take notice this season because we think you’ll identify with one of the personalities on the show.

Andrew Poole and his Audi R8

No, it’s not Andie. She’s the bachelorette – a criminal prosecutor who’s got to choose from a wide mix of guys in order to hopefully find her husband. She dissed a soccer player last season for being too self absorbed, but she got to go around the board again and she’s the star of this season.

There’s another Andy on the show though and that is 30-year old Andrew Poole. We’ve known Andrew for a while as an L.A.-based R8 owner who occasionally reads the site and is a great guy to know on social media. You can see in his show profile on Hulu or on ABC that he’s looking for love… and maybe just wants to show off his incredible Culver City, CA pad whereby he can pull his R8 into the living room.

Of course going on The Bachelorette, rolling in an R8 and living in a car enthusiast’s condo may sound like perfection, but even guys like Andrew have embarrassing moments.

Hey, remember that time you met another Formula 1 fan when you went on The Bachelorette, the editors dubbed it to make you guys look like you were more interested in each other and then Jimmy Fallon picked up on that and played the clip as part of his monologue on The Tonight Show?

Okay, that may be embarrassing, but we’re pretty sure that if Andrew Poole has 99 problems, then neither getting his face on prime time television or driving his Audi R8 ain’t one.

Back to The Bachelorette, the premiere was last week. Spoiler alert… he got a rose. Hopefully that didn’t ruin it for you but this does mean is that he’ll be on the show again next week and perhaps longer. We’re hoping he stays on it and promise to keep watching just to see if he gets to bring her home so we can see more of his R8 and his pad.

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