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Audi Plans 600 bhp RS 6 plus

The devious minds at quattro GmbH have been building hotter ‘plus’ versions of the Audi RS 6 as long as there’s been an RS 6 model… longer really. The first official product of Audi’s performance division was the V8-powered S6 plus in a day when most S6 models had an I5. There’ve been subsequent boosted and tailored versions of RS 6 models since the first C5 version, and so it comes as no surprise that Audi says they’re planning a C7 RS 6 plus.

This rumor comes from a piece run in CAR Magazine, though it directly lists quattro GmbH product boss Stephan Reil as the source. In other words, credibility here is high and details are also explicit. The story says the RS 6 will see a power bump from 552 bhp to around 600 bhp.

Looking back on RS 6 plus models past, it was the C5 RS 6 that really set the bar. That model got extra kit and a bump of 30 bhp (480 bhp total) and just 999 were built. The guano crazy V10 biturbo C6 RS 6 didn’t get a power bump with its plus model and had to settle for just tailored kit. According to CAR (and likely Reil), this was because Audi engineers knew the upcoming C7 RS 6 wouldn’t initially beat the V10 biturbo’s 572 hp rating. C6 plus owners had to settle for some exclusivity and a higher top speed limiter (up to 190 mph from 155 mph).

CAR reports that Reil told them the RS 6 will make due with its stock 552 hp for this year. After that comes the plus, which Reil suggested needs at least 8-10% more power to make the difference noticeable. From that statement CAR has estimated the 600 bhp neighborhood for the C7-based plus.

Also, according to Reil, the role of ‘plus’ models is changing. While they were once run-out models sent out to reinvigorate models in the last months of production, this mission changes as RS models now get rolled out earlier in the production cycle. As such, the plus model will also come out earlier and sometimes even get set as a normal model from the outset like the R8 V10 plus that has been available in the face lifted R8 lineup from the outset.

According to Reil, “A plus model could have more power , or less weight, and a plus model should always handle differently to the standard car.”

Will there be an RS 7? Apparently CAR neglected to ask that question or perhaps this interview was staged ahead of the RS 7’s launch in Detroit and thus Reil likely wouldn’t have commented on the subject. Either way, it seems natural that any improvements applied in the case of the RS 6 could also be readily applied to the RS 7. Whether or not North America will skip straight to plus and forego the ‘standard’ RS setup as it did with the TT RS remains to be seen, but we’re betting RS 7 plus will show up in some form.

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