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Audi Q2 test mule 300 960x480 photo

Audi Q2 Spied Winter Testing

Audi’s upcoming Q2 baby crossover grows ever-closer to its production debut due sometime in 2016. As a result, our spy photographer sources have caught a pair of what looks like finalized design yet disguised test mules out and about in the highly frigid environment where Audi conducts its cold weather testing.


Those keeping abreast on the subject will note that the Q2 was originally set to be called Q1. The name change came as a result of Audi reportedly finally coming to terms with Alfa Romeo over the trademarked Q2 nomenclature.


As you may have inferred from the elder Q1 nomenclature, this small crossover is closest in familial positioning to the A1 and S1 models, though it’ll go straight to Audi’s MQB architecture and skip the PQ25 architecture of the current A1/S1. Obviously the next A1/S1 will join the Q2 on MQB in the next go-around.


Mentions of A1/S1 are quite purposeful here. As is the model with Q5/SQ5 and Q3/RS Q3, the Q2 and possible SQ2 will share many of the engine/transmission configurations with the A1/S1. So, though the A1 is also due for a transition to the new configuration, an analysis of today’s range is a pretty good indicator of what can be expected from any future Q2/SQ2 range.


Check out more photos of the Q2 test mules in our photo gallery archive linked in the usual places below and also to the right of this story. In there you’ll find spy photos from the earliest Volkswagen Tiguan bodied mules to these latest finalized and disguised units.

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