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audi rs q3 rsq3 10 960x480 photo

Audi RS Q3 Press Photos Leaked

We’d just published our story about the RS Q3 spied on Youtube when what appeared to be actual PR shots of the production RS Q3 came across our virtual desk. What you see here are a very select few shots of the car, but showing enough detailed consistency that we take them for the real deal and this signals a Geneva Motor Show launch is imminent.

Looking at the photos, it appears that the production RS Q3 will borrow heavily from the concept car by the same name. Though not quite as aggressive as the show car, a similar bumper treatment and wheel design are used. Inside, Audi makes use of diamond weave leather and higher level luxury to set off this highest dollar variant of the Q3.

No further details are yet revealed about the car though it is a foregone conclusion that the RS Q3 will make use of Audi’s 2.5 TFSI turbocharged 5-cylinder. Credit to WorldCarFans and for the tip.

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