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Auto Bild Hints at 400hp RS Q5 for Next Generation

This is an interesting one.  Earlier this week, Auto Bild published a piece about the technological advancements coming to the next-gen Q5- things like garage pilot, improved ergonomics and a claimed 20% weight loss.  And while that’s all wonderful, what really grabbed our attention was the claim of an upcoming RS Q5, with 2.5 TFSI power.

This is an interesting one for sure, namely due to the further expansion of the RS brand, as well as the packaging issues that come along with the 2.5TFSI when paired with the next Q5’s longitudinal engine layout.  Measuring in at a bit longer than the current 5.2 V10, this would be the first time that Audi has put the motor facing north/south into a production vehicle, as the 2.5 TFSI was transverse in the TT RS, RS Q3 and RS 3.

By now, we’re well aware of Audi’s plan to expand the RS brand, but with that said we are just a bit skeptical about this report.  In utilizing Audi’s MLB Evo architecture for the next Q5 (and Porsche’s Macan), we simply think that placing this motor would cause a major packaging headache for engineers and designers alike.  With that said, we must say that the thought of a longitudinal 2.5 TFSI is certainly an intriguing one.

Check out the full report over on Auto Bild, here.


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