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CarScoops Reports Audi TT RS Revealed in Patent Drawings… Except It’s Not.

Amidst our daily ritual of scouring the web for the latest Audi news, we happened upon one very interesting post by According to the blog, they’ve stumbled across patent drawings of the upcoming yet-to-be-revealed TT RS. Obviously we clicked.

Here’s the thing. This sort of thing definitely happens. The Audi RS 5 Cabriolet was exposed this way. Maybe even less rocket science or newsworthy than the TT RS because it was basically a Cabriolet of the RS 5 coupé, it was still most interesting to see the car ahead of its actual reveal.

Fast forward to today. The TT RS is due very soon, and nearly everyone is eager to see it. Click over to as we did and you’ll see a whole collection of cars and also editorial interpretation of what you’re seeing… except it’s not the TT RS.

What you see here are patent filings for the TT coupé. Yes, that car is already out. Yes, that’s not even the S line, a visual identical twin to the also out TTS.

Expect the TT RS to get unique RS design language front fascia, optional decklid spoiler and oval exhaust tips. This story reports on those tips, but the image shows the single rounds from the standard TT.

We’re puzzled why this is news, but we figured we’d report on it so others didn’t share before visually inspecting it themselves.

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