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Even More Real World Photos of RS 6 from AutoGespot

A user in our forums (lupingranturismo) posted some new real-world photos of the RS 6 Avant and this time in red. An interesting detail of the car is that it is wearing Austrian plates. Normally an Audi test vehicle would wear German plates wearing HN or IN as its first two letters that designate its origination from Heilbronn (Neckarsulm) or Ingolstadt. This one clearly does not.

That video we posted last week of a black test mule in cold weather testing but sans any disguise now that photos of the car have been seen suggested maybe Audi is getting tricky with its registrations and registering the cars locally. It had what looked like Swedish plates. Even still, Austria and particularly Salzburg where the car is registered isn’t exactly fertile testing ground for Audi albeit it is home to some Volkswagen Group executives and particularly those whose family business began here before relocating to Stuttgart. Holdings for that business are still located in Salzburg. Thinking in that vein, we’re wondering if the passenger in this shot looks familiar or not.

See more of the pics posted in our forums HERE or over at AutoGespot HERE.

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