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#fotoshopfriday: Audi RS 1, Hottest of the Hot Hatches

It didn’t take much on our drive earlier this year of the Audi A1 clubsport quattro for us to fall in love.  Who wouldn’t? Audi took fitted the same (actually boosted) 2.5 TFSI as is found in the TT RS and paired it with quattro in order to make the hottest hatch going. Alas, that car was a concept car but we have hope there may eventually be a real thing… so we rendered a guess as to what it might look like.

For us, the starting place was obvious – the limited production Audi A1 quattro. Not built by quattro GmbH, that car technically wasn’t an RS. And while it made use of production equivalents to clubsport quattro pieces like chin design, shifter and those fantastic looking dish wheels, it still was likely closer to an S-spec A1 we believe will be dubbed S1 (here’s a previous render of what we think that will look like).

Naysayers (primarily turned off by the re-use of the then unofficial term “S1”) say an S1 won’t happen, though we’ve seen a non-descript A1 with “S1” badged instrument cluster at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt underground garage that suggests otherwise. We’ve also seen test mules of various A1s that suggest there will be both production S1 and RS 1 models. Check out our photo galleries to see the proof (S1 here, RS 1 here).

Spec on neither is confirmed, though the A1 quattro’s use of the 2.0 TFSI suggests maybe the S1 will go with that configuration while the RS 1 would have to go with something hotter. Knowing quattro GmbH tends to stick with their own engines, we’re wondering if (and wishing) the 2.5 TFSI might be the choice.

To render the RS 1, we began with the look of the A1 quattro pictured here. That look is consistent with the both RS design language and also with believed RS 1 test mules, pictures of which we’ve posted in the past and also seen below in this story.

The next move for a production RS 1 was simple. Take a body style similar to the spy photo car, make it a favorite RS paint color like Daytona Grey) and add other design elements that are consistent with the RS sub-brand. For that we went with silver mirrors, took liberties with a matching ‘quattro’ spec silver rear wing, and added those great-looking new RS 4 wheels.

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