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#FotoshopFriday: Audi RS 3 Sedan Envisioned by P.R. Walker

There’s no doubt in our mind that the upcoming RS 3 sedan is one of the most hotly anticipated new models from Audi. The new MQB chassis A3 and S3 already look like winners, and the idea of combining the super potent 2.5 TFSI engine with the upcoming sedan version would seem to mix the magic size of the B5 S4/RS 4 with the magic Audi 5-cylinder drivetrain.

Thus far we’ve published one profile shot of the RS 3 sedan, which we based on the A3 sedan concept shown in Geneva last year. Following his improvement on our RS 3 Sportback mockup, Patrick Walker (a.k.a. PR Walker) dropped us a note asking us whether we’d be interested in publishing photos of his own take on an RS 3 sedan. Of course the answer was yes and you’re now seeing the results of his labor.

For your enjoyment, Patrick has put together several versions with various simulations of popular Audi colors like Suzuka Grey and Misano Red. He’s also added more of the RS Q3 cues and the likely higher roofline of the production A3 versus our take that had the lower roof line of the concept car and cues from the B8 RS 4. As with his first round with the A3 Sportback, we suggest his take on the sedan will prove more true-to-form to a production version than will ours. Whatever the case, both are eye candy.

See each pair of colored cars below. Closer views of the sedan can also be found in our photo gallery linked at the bottom of this story.

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