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#FotoshopFriday: MQB Audi RS 3 Sportback Revisited by P.R. Walker

Today’s #FotoshopFriday feature exemplifies just one reason why we love our readers. Three weeks ago we published a few shots of our take on the next-generation RS 3 Sportback. We were fond of them, and were pleased to see them picked up by Car & Driver last Friday. Almost immediately after we published them on this website, a photoshopping regular on this site (P.R. Walker) dropped us a shot with a few changes he’d made. The look was improved, and I’ll get to why in a minute, so I forwarded him high-res material from which to work.

Patrick Walker is a B5 A4 owner – a car that he purchased new in 2000 and still going strong at 225K miles. Not surprisingly, he was ‘totally enamored’ with the A3 sedan concept shown in Geneva. As Patrick puts it, “The thought of capturing the love and flair of the B5, but with a turbo 5 cylinder to rekindle the fire of Group B Rally, and IMSA of days past, finally had me thinking it was time for an upgrade. A few months later, along comes the RS-Q3, bowing at the Beijing Auto show in April, I saw the rest of the pieces to the RS 3 puzzle. A sporty yet simple evolution of the RS 5 front end that still has linage to the B5 RS 4 for the fanboys (like me) who are kinda grown up, but not really.”

Patrick is an industrial designer by trade. It was automotive design and his love for cars that spurred him into that field. He admits he’s been using photoshop since 1994 (version 3, before layers and with only one undo!). He’s done ten years at a product design agency and now he’s in corporate design management. In other words, he’s very qualified.

When it comes to renders on our end, we’re a bit O.C.D. If you stick to Audi Design methods and fight the urge to make your own look or simply add cues you think are cool, you can often get something that is scarily accurate. We first looked at the A1 quattro to make our RS conversion… and while elements from that car are probably close, the limited production A1 quattro wasn’t a quattro GmbH product and thus wasn’t an RS car. Patrick improved upon this approach by pulling elements from the RS Q3 show car… namely the front fascia.

There are some other production-consistent elements he made at the same time. Note the black optics approach to the roof bars and the mirrors. Re-skinning the body, he also served up the images in several known quattro GmbH favorite hues such as Daytona Grey, Sepang Blue, Suzuka Grey, Misano Red and Ibis White.

While we haven’t seen the new RS 3 yet, we suspect these shots may be even closer than ours. It remains to be seen whether the ‘quattro’ script branding from the RS Q3 concept’s lower fascia grille work will make the cut to production, but looking at Walker’s shots we’re hoping it does.

In the meantime, we’re passing over some high-res shots of the A3 sedan so that he can work even more magic. Look for those in a future #FotoshopFriday installment. In the meantime, make sure to check out our gallery for even more RS 3 renders.

Thanks again to Patrick Walker for these fantastic contributions.

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