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30 November 2012

With so much news and rumor surrounding the next-generation MQB-based Audi TT, we figured we’d take a stab at a possible design for the car. We’ll be honest, we’ve seen a number of renders of the car by other magazines and we’ve not been terribly impressed by what we’ve seen… not bad renders, just too close to the current car. All intel suggests Audi is going to go more aggressive, so we decided to try to embrace that.

For starters, we expect the car to go toward Audi’s newest design language – something seen quite literally in the Cross Lane concept at Paris, but something Audi Design boss Wolfgang Egger has been hinting at for some time in concept cars like the e-tron Detroit concept and the quattro Concept.


The quattro Concept is an obvious draw here. Audi development boss Wolfgang Duerheimer has been suggesting that he’d like to see an aggressive TT… say what the 911 GT3 is to the regular 911… embrace the basic tenets of the quattro Concept. Going as lightweight as possible and adding all-wheel drive and the 2.5 TFSI is certainly compelling, even if it dumps the more traditional (and tricky to perform in the case of this engine) longitudinal engine placement and torsen quattro. For the TT this would mean transverse engine and likely a Haldex-based system.

Some of our readers have suggested to us that maybe the next TT will dump the more rounded form of the first two cars and go with something more literally interpretive of the quattro Concept or maybe the handsome e-tron Detroit concept. We’re not sure we agree with literal use of their proportions though as the quattro Concept’s engine was mounted ahead of the front axle and the e-tron Detroit concept was more of a styling exercise for a proposed small mid-engine car. Still, these were very compelling designs.

Given their attractiveness and their more aggressive embracing of Egger’s new design direction, we though these two cars would be a great place to start. Working with design drawings, we had more freedom to contort their shapes and in a more forgiving medium.

Essentially, we’ve taken two drawings of each car and made them more TT-esque. Each went with a more rounded tail, a stretched and rounded C-pillar and proportions were changed to reflect MQB architecture. The long front overhang on the quattro Concept images was brought in just a bit and the cabin was moved forward with a more upright windshield in the cases of both.

So what do you think? With these simple changes, do these designs look like a cohesive evolution of the TT? Do they successfully reinterpret a new car using these designs? We’re curious to hear your opinions. Answer below in our Facebook comment system or click through to our discussion forums and join other TT enthusiasts to discuss.

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