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audi forschungsauto stance photo

#FotshopFriday #ThrowbackThursday – ForschungsAuto 2000 Concept… Stanced

We missed our #ThrowbackThursday post this week because we were busy working on our coverage of the Audi R8 Forschungsauto 2012 e Performance Prototype. Now in need of an entrant for our weekly #FotoshopFriday post as well, we had an idea. Where we’d intended to post photos of the original Forschunsauto 2000 concept from the 1981 Frankfurt IAA, we decided to take that and mod it in photoshop.

Okay, it’s a simple effort we know. We took a vintage PR shot of the ’81 concept and dropped it. Next, we added one of our favorite new old-looking wheels – the HRE 501. We think the big alloys with a vintage mesh design on this precursor to the Audi 5000 are pretty complimentary but we’ll leave the final verdict to you.

Also, if you want to see more of the vintage Forschungsauto 2000 photos, make sure to check out our photo gallery link to the right.

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