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Intel: Greg Kable on New Audi A6 Re-Setting the Bar

Always in touch with what’s going on behind the factory gates, AutoCar’s Greg Kable recently weighed in on the development of the new C8-generation Audi A6. With much of the design details said to be teased earlier this year in the form of the prologue series of concept cars (Avant shown above), the new A6 is said to set the standard for future large Audi models.

The first interesting change mentioned by Kable is that the A6 is being developed in a joint program that also includes the upcoming A7 and even A8. Each are said to share platform, chassis and electrical systems in order for Audi to achieve better economies of scale when it comes to component costs.

The chassis itself is said to be both lighter and make better use of space. The wheels will move further to the corners, making for shorter overhangs and improved interior space.

Kable confirms that the A6 will use a mix of hot-formed high-strength steel, aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP)  that will help the car shed weight. The current A6 uses a steel structure with all hung panels made of aluminum, while the current A8 is an aluminum space frame. How this new co-developed A6, A7 and A8 will then change the relationship between the C models (A6 and A7) and the D (A8) remains to be seen.

Not surprisingly, tech interface is will be one of the places where the new A6, A7 and A8 will most radically change what we know of current Audi models. This means, for the first time in an Audi, touch screen technology. Also, the cars are said to include up to three screen displays – one behind the steering wheel as we’ve seen with the Audi virtual cockpit, a second multimedia display high in the driver’s line of sight and a third lower in the center console that is even said to house controls like HVAC… no doubt the latter especially being a place for touch control.

Interested in learning more? Kable filed a full report over on AutoCar that includes an exclusive design sketch as well as information such as drivetrain and engine options. You can read that full story HERE.

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