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Latest Audi V-Series Development, Migrating to A3

The latest Deep Dive column over at Automobile Magazine by Georg Kacher touches on a rumor we’ve been hearing different variations of on the web. In the past this has been suggested as a new V-series of cars (think V4 and V6 much like A4 and A6) that are a bit more sporting MPV. Apparently that idea is evolving into one proposed model based on A3 MQB architecture.

According to Kacher, the running name for this project is A3 Vario… and if the idea of a more sporting MPV style vehicle sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Remember the Roadjet concept shown by Audi in Detroit years ago? That project was more A4 sized and proposed by Ullrich Hackenberg (then Audi chief of development, now Volkswagen Group chief of development).

Roadjet never made it past the drawing table, but there’s a strong wind at the back of the “A3 Vario”. Though our drawing above is a bit more Sportback like, the car Kacher describes is one with more storage space than an A4 Avant. And for those needing the utility but still requiring performance, an “S3 Vario” is also being considered.

Worth noting, Kacher mentions in his piece that this proposal hsn’t exactly been approved  yet. In other words, while it’s credible given the source, it’s also subject to change. Read more of the Kacher story HERE. In addition to more detail, there are also several renders by the very talented render artist Larson.

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