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More Background on Durheimer TT GT Story, plus Street-Legal R18 TDI e-tron plus 1L Audi

Remember that intel story we ran last week about Wolfgang Duerheimer’s comments quoted in AutoExpress about an upcoming Mk3 TT that could be the spiritual successor to the quattro Concept? Well, it’s not as if it’s all bunk, but Top Gear sure did a much better job at putting it all into context.

When we see intel stories such as this, we usually do our best to consider the source before prescribing a level of accuracy. In our world, AutoExpress doesn’t tend to carry the same level of accuracy as a Georg Kacher or Jens Meiners, but their direct quoting of Audi’s new development boss Wolfgang Duerheimer sure gave the story some seriously added boost… and just one week day after we’d learned about the TT evo plus prototype.

It turns out Duerheimer has been doing a PR round with UK press… at least we can make that assumption following Top Gear also running a story about their own Paul Horrell sitting down with the Audi executive. Fortunately, Top Gear was a lot more explicit in the context of the meeting – where Duerheimer clearly layed out some ideas he has for Audi while also pointing out that these are currently ideas he’s presenting to the Audi board and not confirmed projects. Given that, below are summaries of three ideas he’s kicking around.

1. Audi TT Lightweight GT
Nothing changes here from our previous intel story. The idea would be to target 1000 kg with a lightened next-generation TT chassis, including a potent 2.5 TFSI engine and quattro. Duerheimer again emphasizes no back seat and room for a roll bar. We truly hope this one goes through, because we think it would embrace so many excellent pillars of the Audi brand in just one model.

2. Audi R18 TDI e-tron
First, Durheimer doesn’t say a name. We made that one up… sort of. The idea for Duerheimer was inspired when he was at Le Mans this past year… when the Audi R18 e-tron quattro won the race – a first for a car with hybrid power. Durheimer states he’d love to see Audi do a car above the R8 and with hybrid diesel power just like the R18 e-tron quattro. Audi could build upon its brand heritage from Le Mans and do so in a way that Durheimer thinks wouldn’t be too close to what Porsche is already doing with their own gas hybrid 918.

3. 1 Liter Audi
Duerheimer’s last idea centers around a super economical car based on the A1 component set… likely some sort of MQB setup by the time something like this could come to fruition. The so-called 1-liter car has always been a favorite project of Dr. Ferdinand Piech, and the math works like this. Europeans measure in liters of consumption (in this case 1) per 100 km… or roughly 280 mpg. Impressive.

Want to read more. Horrel’s piece over at Top Gear is much more in-depth, including many quotes from Wolfgang Duerheimer. Read it HERE.

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