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Audi R8 MSS Spyder preproduction 284 960x480 photo

New Audi R8 Spyder Spied with Zero Disguises

That there’d be a new R8 Spyder was a foregone conclusion long before any spy photos of the drop-top four-ringer had been seen. And, that it was near time for an official reveal of the car seemed also obvious given the longer and warmer days and the months since that first test mule was spied. Even still, we were a bit surprised to see one running around Germany undisguised. Nevertheless, that’s just what our spy photographers encountered earlier today.


Clearly this is no test mule. The car not only wears no disguises, it also appears to be full production and sans any test equipment. Perhaps the Audi employee driving it believed no one would notice. Then again, it is a bright Vegas Yellow R8 Spyder, with top down, yellow diamond stitched seats and more.


One detail worth noting, and yet also expected, is that the new dual-segment blade of the second generation R8 allows for the lower segment to be part of the Spyder’s design. This car wears it handsomely in contrasting black carbon fiber.


Expect the new R8 to drop with the same V10 configuration as the coupe for now. A V6 turbocharged offering is expected later in both models.


Check out all of the shots of this car below. We’ve also added them to our R8 Spyder test mule gallery, linked below and also to the right of this story.


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