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Rumor: Sport quattro Concept to Spawn Non-hybrid Coupe Says Auto Motor und Sport

There’s a new rumor regarding the Sport quattro Concept shown in Frankfurt last September. According to the German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport, Audi intends to build a road going version that may likely shed the hybrid element.

Audi Sport quattro Concept

According to AM und S, the car will still use a considerable amount of carbon fiber and aluminum in its construction, though it’ll also still adopt more of the underpinnings and particularly the track of the A6/A7. Even still, the target weight is just 1,300 kg. (2,866 lbs.)… less than an Ur quattro.

Audi Sport quattro Concept

If the rumor is right, then a 2.5 TFSI 5-cylinder could see duty in the car, at least as one of several engines offered. 340-360 hp spec versions of that engine are planned, though adoption of other engines within the group like the concept car’s RS 7 spec 4.0 TFSI would elevate the car into a whole different performance orbit.

Read the original Auto Motor und Sport story HERE.

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