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Rumor: Third-Generation Audi TT Will Return to First-Gen’s Edge

It’s a little known fact that the Audi TT was considered as a Porsche as Stuttgart was mulling over the idea of a Boxster. That car never came to fruition, though it may be in part the reason the first-generation Audi TT was so aggressive in both design and tuning. With the second-generation came a technologically superior car, but one that lacked the edge of the simplistic Bauhaus inspired original. Where things go from here for the third-generation TT has been a hot topic of debate at Audi.

Our own sources say there were really two camps for the TT model. Some thought  a more safe design and more consistent with other Audi models, a strategy employed with the second-generation TT, was the best approach. The other side wanted a return to the car’s edge and simplicity. Designs considering both approaches were considered by Audi, and just which version will win out remains to be seen.

AutoCar Magazine published a story this week that makes it sound as if they have an inside line on the answer to the question of the TT. While maintaining key elements like the new hexagonal Audi shield grille, the new car is said to be devoid of unnecessary lines or ornamentation… which all sounds extremely consistent with where Audi design is going in general based on our Paris Motor Show discussion with members of the Audi Design Team.

To help illustrate the simplicity of the original TT concept, the header image of this story is actually one of the original conceptual drawings of the first-generation TT… drawn well before a steel-bodied car or even clay model existed. It, beyond even images of that first car, really speaks to the original intent. Could Audi go this aggressive?

Of course the TT will move to the Volkswagen Group’s new modular transverse matrix (MQB) that will mean even more multi-material weight savings, better infotainment, less necessary front overhang and improved handling dynamics. The latter is a key point because the first TT was so aggressive that Audi actually re-tuned the cars for most drivers and this time around the company is supposedly targeting the Porsche Boxster as a model for handling dynamic.

Engines and hardware are not hard to guess. One need only look at the new MQB A3 in order to get a gauge. Expect the TTS to get similar hardware as the S3 and the TT RS to use an updated version of the 2.5 TFSI.

According to AutoCar, the coupe will bow in 2014.

Source: AutoCar

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