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Rupert Stadler Confirms No A8 Avant or Minivan, Chats about Other Models

Automotive News Europe recently caught up with Audi board chairman Rupert Stadler, and pointedly asked him about several upcoming models. The discussion proved enlightening, though more for ruling out rumored models than for confirming them.

Here’s a rundown.

Audi TT offroad concept

TTQ crossover – Audi showed a TT SUV in concept form this year. Stadler says that it is still being considered but has not yet been approved. Given that, he says it would be based on the next-generation MQB architecture and as such wouldn’t show up before 2020. What goes unsaid is that Audi wants to grow the TT lineup and if the TTQ is still not confirmed, the TT Sportback is also still being considered.


Prologue concepts and an A8 Avant – The author of the Automotive News story asked if the Prologue Avant and/or allroad pointed toward an A8 Avant. Stadler suggested that Avants are more popular in Europe and less so in other markets. In as much, there’s not enough market for an A8 Avant. We’ve heard those Prologue Avant and allroad concepts are more of a hint at the A6 Avant family anyway, but this still confirms there are no current plans for an A8 Avant.

Audi TT Sportback concept

Sportback Models – When asked about Sportback models, Stadler pointed toward their overall success and that they sell at a premium. For example, transaction prices for A7 models are closer to that of an A8. Stadler refused to comment on plans for new models, but said that the higher profitability helps Sportbacks gain production approval. We’ve heard the next A5 Sportback may be coming to America and we also know that Audi is considering a TT Sportback. Time will tell.

Audi prologue piloted driving concept

Large Four-Seat Coupe – Asked about a large 2-door like the BMW 6 series, Stadler responded negatively. He sighted the small size of that segment of the market and the fact that it was shrinking. He also referenced that he thought investing in an SUV like the upcoming Q8 made more sense given where the market is going.

Audi A3 MPV render by Theophilus Chin

Minivan – BMW has launched an MPV, so Stadler was asked if there was interest in such a car from Audi. Stadler suggested that SUV/crossover product is more an emotional choice and that Audi would be more of an emotional brand, thus investment in products like the upcoming Q1. In other words, there’s no plan for an Audi minivan.

Would you like to read more of Stadler’s discussion with Automotive News Europe? You can find it in its entirety HERE.

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