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tt rs 960 photo

Spied: Audi TT RS Seen Without Camouflage

About the same time our friends at CarPix spied Audi’s new R8 Spyder cruising topless around Germany, the folks at were doing some picture taking of their own.  Now, we’re not sure if the vinyl camouflage application team had the day off, but seeing both the R8 and the forthcoming TT RS not just out in the wild simultaneously, but at the same exact fueling station completely undisguised has to be one of the more impressive, if not downright puzzling spots we’ve ever seen.  Still, this is a very highly anticipated model, so let’s break down what these images tell us about the next RS.


First up, we can clearly see that the TT RS’s fixed rear spoiler will return for the next-generation car, although the uprights will feature a slight design evolution, updated to reflect current RS design language.  Moving slightly lower, and we can see what appears to be either a revised or RS-specific rear tail light illumination signature, and a much, much more aggress rear diffuser when compared to that found on the standard TT and the sportier TTS.

Come around to the front, and you can see a much deeper, more aggressive front bumper design than that of the TTS, quite likely to serve as much-needed ventilation for the 2.5 TFSI’s larger intercooler.  Looking like something pulled directly from the TT 420 (well, sans the carbon chin spoiler), the front of the TT RS looks every bit as aggressive as you’d expect.  The wheels, while we don’t have anything close-up, look to be a new 20″ design, somewhat reminiscent of what is currently found on the RS 7, but with one additional spoke.

We expect to see more of the TT RS very, very soon, with a possible debut this September in Paris if not before.

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