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Spied: New Audi TT Test Mule

Here’s another set of spy photos that have just popped up on our radar (thanks Hans Z.). These shots from AutoGespot show what looks like a current TT test mule from multiple angles running around the Nurburgring. If the re-styling looks conservative, that’s because not much has changed between the current TT and this test mule. Audi has been known to install current bodies on new chassis earlier in the development cycle… like all those flared C6 Audi A6s that had been spotted that were actually C7 A6 mules. This car is much the same.

We do note TTS badging and grille work at the front, but the small single outlet exhaust suggests this car is a drivetrain mule for a more modest power plant configuration. In fact, this car looks nearly identical to the mule photos we published earlier this year in winter testing, only this time it’s at the Nurburgring. We’ll attach our own winter test photo gallery to this story.

Not much is known about the new TT design. Of course the car will follow the A3 to Audi’s new MQB architecture, which means significant upgrades not the least of which will be a move to Audi’s MIB (modular infotainment platform and thus the latest MMI functionality). The current TT already uses a hybrid aluminum ASF (Audi Space Frame) though we wouldn’t be surprised to see the new car embrace Audi’s ultra light weight engineering even further with more use of additional light weight materials.

As for design, we’d heard many versions of the TT were considered by Audi executives. Alternatives included evolutionary to radical designs. In the TT schema, the second generation was considered a bit of an evolution and was closer to the rest of the Audi line. The original TT was more radical, leading Audi design but also quite more of a jump from its showroom siblings of the time. Which version won out for the TT Mk3? We’re not yet sure. We’re hoping for radical, but all we can tell for certain is that Audi went through a lot more effort putting a current body on a new chassis than they would have simply putting a psychadelic vinyl wrap on the new car. Clearly they want to keep the secret a bit longer, even if the car is getting ever closer to production.

See many photos in this set over at Auto Gespot after the jump HERE. Thanks again to Hans for the tip.

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