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The New TT RS: Is This the Front Bumper?

Manufacturers go to impressive lengths to conceal what their new models will look like, keeping their shapes and design cues under wraps until official images can be released.  But more often than not, weird things happen.  Toy models are leaked.  Computer renderings make their way to Jalopnik.  And sometimes, people just simply leave front bumpers lying around.  The latter seems to be the case for Audi’s new TT RS.


Found over on, these TT RS-looking front bumpers appear to be quite high production quality, and just might be the real deal.  The site remains mum as to where these items were found, and if we hadn’t seen this happen with the B8.5 RS4, we’d be highly skeptical.  But as history has a way of repeating itself, and these bumpers follow what we’ve been hearing of the TT RS’s aesthetic, we agree with their assessment.

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