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Top 3 Things We Learned from Audi of America Chief Scott Keogh at ACNA Dinner in Austin – S3 MT6, RS 3, RS 6

Virtually any Audi enthusiast knows that this past weekend was the WEC 6 Hours of Austin at Circuit of the Americas and that the Audi Sport squad of R18s took a 1-2 victory. Perhaps slightly less known is that this weekend also marked the 30th anniversary of the Audi Club of North America. Part of that celebration was a dinner reception in the Austin area attended by the likes of Allan McNish, John Hindhaugh and Audi of America President Scott Keogh. There was a lot to love about the evening, in particular three things said by Scott Keogh during his presentation.

Audi S3 with Manual Transmission

1. Audi S3 with Manual Transmission… It could happen!
First up was talk of the Audi S3. John Hindhaugh interviewed Keogh on stage and asked him specifically about manual transmissions. After walking through the costs associated with adding such model complexity and how that effects both cost and dealer availability, Keogh mentioned Audi of America is looking very closely at adding the manual transmission version of the S3. While not yet a done deal, we take that as very, very good news.

Audi RS 3 Render

2. Audi RS 3… Sedan, Definitely Sedan.
Here’s another unconfirmed confirmation. Keogh didn’t say it was coming and again said Audi is looking very closely at it. Specifically, he mentioned the sedan. We’ve heard this before from Scott at the New York Auto Show and we think it’s indicative that the RS 3 sedan is already a done deal and simply not yet confirmable for public consumption. We’re assuming that last part, but it seems to be a pretty safe bet.

Audi RS 6 Avant

3. Audi RS 6 is THE Car that Is Scott’s Favorite Audi Not Sold in the USA
On the surface, this might sound like teasing. Hindhaugh again asked this and inquired which was his favorite not here already. Keogh responded, “RS 6 Avant… without question.”

So does that mean it’s coming? Sadly, it likely is not. While it’s possible Audi could bring it in post facelift, we doubt it. However, the fact that Audi of America has not just one, but two A6 allroads in their internal test fleet suggests they are considering the expansion an A6 Avant bodystyle could make in the next-generation of cars thanks to newfound sales gains. An A6 allroad would be the perfect “volume” model by which to write off the RS 6’s own federalization. Keep your fingers crossed people.

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