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Audi to Sell Five e-Tron Vehicles in China by 2021

China will be one of the first markets to feel the full force of Audi’s electric push, as the company seeks to produce and sell five e-tron branded plug-in hybrids in China by 2021.

“In this plan we have a clear focus on e-tron cars,” Dietmar Voggenreiter, Audi management board member for sales and marketing, told Reuters. “Sustainability is one of the mega trends worldwide and China is a leading market in electric mobility.”

That plan looks set to take its first step with a plug-in hybrid version of the A6L, that’s already in production. That car is set to hit dealerships later this year.

In all, Audi wants to generate 30% of its global sales through e-tron cars, be they plug-in hybrid or all electric, by 2025. Currently, though, its only e-tron vehicle in china is the A3, which is built in Germany.

Ultimately, says Voggenreiter, the plan is to move from plug-in hybrids to to all electric vehicles for the e-tron brand.

“There is, first of all, a worldwide customer trend for sustainability,” he said. “In a transition phase we will have plug-in hybrid cars. In the long-run we will see more and more fully electric battery cars.”

[source: Reuters]

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