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Audi Design Team Shares Concept Drawings of Audi TT ultra quattro

While the focus on the TT ultra quattro concept is its most bearable lightness of being, the overwhelming level of detail in the concept’s design is another key element that shouldn’t be missed. The Audi Design Team spent countless hours honing the TT to tie together the car’s ‘ultra’ theme of lightweight design and also hard-edged performance characteristic of the Worthersee event effortlessly into the look and feel of the TT ultra quattro.

Audi released a full press release about the car ahead of its debut tomorrow in Austria. That piece covered all aspects of the vehicle though a significant portion was dedicated to the car’s design. Here’s a take on the design as released by Audi.

Compared with the series-production model, the Audi designers have substantially honed the showcar’s contours even further. With its large spoilers, the TT ultra quattro concept proudly displays its motorsport genes. The base of the rear wing is manufactured as a supporting component from milled aluminum, while the wing, as a functional element, is made of visible carbon.

The concept car is painted in the special color crystal white. The CFRP used on the exterior adds a striking touch on the hood, the roof, the sides and the trunk. In the interior the same material also adorns the door trim, the center console and the cross-bracing that replaces the rear seat bench. The developers have also fitted the bucket seats from the R8 GT to the concept study; their chassis alone, made out of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), reduce weight by 22 kilograms (48.50 lb). The driver does not have to make any compromises when it comes to equipment and appointments: air conditioning, electric window controls and an electromechanical parking brake come as standard on the TT ultra quattro concept. A veritable highlight: the exterior mirrors are replaced by compact cameras which transfer the images directly into the digital cockpit.

Wow factors on the TT ultra quattro concept are numerous. From the exposed carbon fiber on the bodywork to the structural carbon int he rim of the wehels. Even the inner wheels are branded ‘ultra’ in a nod to trends you’ll see on enthusiast cars also on display at the event.

Inside the TT might be even more a harbinger of things to come. Audi board member Wolfgang Duerheimer has hinted to the press that he’d like to see a hard-edged track-worthy variation in the TT range when the next-generation car launches. Think of the relationship between the Porsche 911 and the 911 GT3 and you wouldn’t be far off. And though no GT3-like model currently exists in the current TT model line-up, the Audi Design Team has deftly shown they’re more than ready to tackle such a task should one be assigned to them.

Another element that likely hints strongly at the next-generation is the graphics-based instrument cluster. The TT ultra quattro concept sports just such hardware, and it is here that the design detail work is seamlessly added with the polish of a full-production unit.


The Audi Design Team has released a collection of drawings used in the development of the TT ultra quattro concept. We’ve given them a special place in our photo gallery (linked below and to the right). Also check out our Worthersee section for even more coverage from the event.

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