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Audi RS7 exclusive Ipanema Brown Rochester Hills 314 960x480 photo

Audi exclusive Ipanema Brown RS 7 Delivered at Audi of Rochester Hills

Some of our favorite Audi exclusive builds are a nod to the unusual. In that vein, may we present to you this Ipanema Brown Audi RS 7 as delivered to Fritz, a customer of Audi of Rochester Hills.


As you can see, this is far from the typical red, black, grey or blue. This particular car was ordered in an Audi exclusive regular amber brown known as Ipanema Brown. We’ve spotted the color many times on Audi show stands in Europe, and bet it looks even better on the street.


Given the brown theme, the car looks well paired with a brown leather interior. Burled wood completes the more classic spin than the much more typical carbon fiber most often fitted to cars like an RS 7.


Check out more photos of this car in our photo gallery archive linked in the usual spots below and also to the right of this story. Thanks to Craig Seager from Audi of Rochester Hills for sharing this most unique customer build with our readers.

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