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Daytona Grey Audi TT S line competition Pics Surface from the Audi Exchange

Ever wonder what a TT S line competition looks like in Daytona Grey? Yes, we did too. Though this option package was announced several months ago, the cars are proving rare enough that we only really get a closer look when new owners or dealerships with one in their inventory are kind enough to post photos.

We know we ordered a Samoa Orange version (being delivered this tomorrow!) sight unseen, though you know it’s not likely much of a risk given this is first a TT and second it’s only built in some of Audi’s finest paint codes. Take for example Daytona Grey.

To those in the know, Daytona Grey is an “RS color”. In other words, you rarely see it on anything but an RS-car unless it’s an Audi Exclusive special order. Not surprisingly it is definitely a favorite and equally unsurprising is the fact that this car from the Audi Exchange in Illinois looks spectacular in the shade.

Special thanks to Zachary Hansen for sharing the pics with us. Find the car at the Audi Exchange and say “thanks” to Zach for us if you stop in.

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