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In Market: Samoa Orange Audi TT S line competition at Audi North Scottsdale

Ever since the special edition TT S line competition was announced for the 2013 model year, the car has been stirring up discussion. As you may recall, the car is effectively a TT S line with black optics, matte black rotor wheels, a TT RS trunk spoiler and matte black rotor 5-arm alloys. It is available in four colors, including Misano Red, Glacier White, Daytona Grey and Samoa Orange as you can see here in these first shots we’ve encountered thanks to Brian McCauley of Audi North Scottsdale.

We’ve been hearing that there is a white and a grey example in the corporate garage at Audi headquarters, though this is the first photographic proof we’ve seen of the car at a dealership. Also, we note a true TT RS trunk spoiler versus the slightly different Audi Accessories spoiler we spotted on a what looked like an early mockup model at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt.

The photos of this Samoa Orange example are particularly interesting because they reveal one more detail that’s been as-of-yet-unseen. Samoa Orange examples of the S line competition include body color interior trim. Several of the included interior photos clearly reveal these details.

These shots are from Brian McCauley, an Audi brand specialist at Audi North Scottsdale. Brian liked the car so much, he almost bought it for himself. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t end up buying it. Fortunately, this means interested parties can still do so as the car is now in ‘unsold’ status at Audi North Scottsdale.

To be honest, we’d be tempted to ring up Audi North Scottsdale ourselves if we didn’t have nearly the identical car already on order for our 4 Season Test fleet. And with an aftermarket as robust as the TT, we expect this 4 Season tester may evolve into a more serious project within these pages.

For now, check out more photos of this Samoa Orange TT via our photo gallery attached to this story. For more information, contact Brian McCauley at Audi North Scottsdale.

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