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On Location: Audi Forum Ingolstadt Parking Garage with RS 4, Audi Exclusive TT RS, R8 + More

For the true Audi geek, no trip to Ingolstadt is complete without a stroll through the underground parking garage. Since most models for the Audi Experience tours, press cars and upper executive cars are parked here, you’re guaranteed to find something interesting. If you’ve got an eagle eye, you may find even more as we’ve spotted RS 5 Cabriolet test mules, A1s with S1 instrument clusters and more in here in the past. This time around our attention was drawn mainly by the new RS 4 though we also spotted several other interesting rides. Below are some of the highlights itemized by the picture. To the right is a link of even more shots from the parking garage during our visit on Thursday of this past week.

First up in our highlights is an RS 4 in Daytona Grey. That car can be seen in our header. Daytona Grey metallic paint is a quattro GmbH staple and a regular on RS cars, though this is the first time we’ve seen the new RS 4 in Daytona Grey.

We spotted a second RS 4 in the garage, though this one was black and featured a few more interesting details. First, the nose of the car was color-matched rather than silver like most cars seen thus far. Also, the mirrors were finished in a matte titanium look that was darker to the silver aluminum brightwork on the standard RS 4.

Cars with Audi Exclusive paint aren’t terribly rare in this underground vault of a garage, and we try to catalog every non standard car we see. This one, in particular, grabbed our attention – a TT RS painted in a classic TT color Nimbus Grey. Nimbus Grey was the paint on the original TTS concept and a popular choice on the original TT. Here it is paired with silver optics and optional 20-inch wheels to make for one of the best-looking examples of the TT RS we’ve seen to date.

Following the theme of the original TTS concept, this TT RS also featured a brownish orange leather interior, though one with cross-hatch stitching on some of the segments that we’ve not seen offered for the TT range thus far by Audi Exclusive.

This was a different color for the Audi R8. Obviously a special build by Audi Exclusive, this R8 V10 coupe featured a light metallic green paint color. We’re not sure what it is so we’ll put it out to our readers. If you think you know, drop us a note or leave a message in the comments below.

The last car we wanted to highlight is this TT S-line coupe. Not a TT S-line competition package as we reported on earlier today, this version was still most interesting. It featured matte titanium finish wheels (same design as the B7 RS 4) and carbon fiber trim such as the chin spoiler. Clearly it was a special build, but we’re not aware of a particular package that includes this equipment.

Of course there were plenty more interesting cars. New S6, S7 and S8 models are almost common around these parts nowadays and we made sure to snap photos of each of these. There were a few more Audi Exclusive offerings as well and finally we made sure to capture plenty of shots of great-looking A6 Avants for those Americans on Avant withdrawal.

See more photos in our photo gallery linked to the right.


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