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Bentley Teases Us with its Most Extreme Car Ever

We tend not to cover Bentley all that much here at Fourtitude, because—frankly—we aren’t all that interested. But sometimes the brand does catch our eye.

As was the case today, when, on Twitter, they teased “the most extreme Bentley ever.”

The 17-second-long video doesn’t really reveal much, but what it does reveal is good.

For starters, there are those big wheels wrapped with rubber bands that cover what really look a lot like carbon ceramic brakes. Then there’s the spoiler that glimmers with the unmistakable checkerboard pattern of carbon fiber.

Finally, you can hear the distant shriek of an engine. It’s not much, but it sounds more like a race engine than a road-going mill, and that’s a good thing.

Based on the little to no information we have, it seems likely that this will be a another, hotter version of the Continental, but there’s a pretty high “extreme” bar there, since the brand came out with the GT3-R and just look at how extreme it’s being in the picture below.

Bentley Continental GT3-R

That car came out in 2015 with 521 hp and no back seats, so if this car really is more crazier than that, it ought to be good.

At any rate, Bentley sent out their tweet a few days ago and promised to send more on the sixth, so the good news is that we won’t have to wait long until the mystery is solved.

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