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spyker c8 photo

Spyker and Apollo Automobil GmbH to Show New Supercars at Geneva Motor Show

If teasers are to be believed, this year’s Geneva Motor Show might just be the year of the supercar.  Recently Spyker and Gumpert both announced that they would be showing new vehicles, both, we assume, to feature Audi power.  Spyker’s new car will be called ‘C8 Preliator’, and aside from the teaser image above, there really isn’t much known about it.  We assume the car will be a continuation of Spyker’s striking design language, infusing both modern and classic cues, including an abundance of billet aluminum in the cabin.

Even less is know about Apollo’s offering, as the model marks both the relaunch of the brand under new ownership, and an even more cryptic teaser of their new ‘hypercar.’  At this time, one really can’t be too sure if it will be a Gumpert-based design, or if it will be something completely new.  From the brand’s Facebook page, just about the only thing we can tell, is that the interior will be more spacious than previous Gumpert models, addressing a key complaint leveraged against the car.

The Geneva Motor Show kicks off on March 1st, and we’ll be on the ground, bringing you the latest.

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