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Allan McNish TT1 Watch by Oris is Choice Gear & Our Find of the Day

Perhaps things are meant to be. At least, you’d have to assume that when you consider that Swiss watchmaker Oris once made an Allan McNish signature time piece long before he was reigning World Endurance Champion or Oris itself is the main time-keeping sponsor for Audi Sport. This isn’t a current watch though. Actually, they’re usually hard to find and rare that one would turn up on Ebay.

Oris TT1 Allan McNish

This watch actually came to be in another era. McNish had already piloted the R8 for Audi Sport, but he’d returned to Toyota to test drive for their now defunct Formula 1 team. Which team he was specifically with is rather immaterial though because the watch is all about McNish. It even features his trademark tartan scarf logo on the watch face.

Oris TT1 Allan McNish

The casing was stainless steel, the band rubber and the movement self-winding. Only 1000 pieces were ever produced. Each one was individually numbered and this one still retains its complete warranty card, books and even the unique helmet-shaped box. Even better, the seller claims it’s never even been worn.

Oris TT1 Allan McNish

Given the rarity and the pristine condition, the buy-it-now price just over $2,000 seems fair enough. Check it out via its listing over on Ebay HERE. Thanks Ricky for the tip.

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