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Audi R8(ish) Spyder Featured in Grand Theft Auto 5

It could be said that the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise may be the car game that is least made for car guys. Cars play a big part, but they’re more utilized in this game to move you around the game’s virtual environment in order to complete missions. As such, game maker Rock Star Games has never seen the need to officially license car models. Most cars in the game will resemble a real car, but they’re not specific. The series’ latest Grand Theft Auto V is no exception, though Audi R8 fans won’t be disappointed.

Rock Star Games has released the latest teaser trailer for their new installment, set in Vinewood… a similarly close but fictional take on Hollywood. As you can see from the screen shot, the R8 Spyder is there, but bears enough changes to make workers at a certain design studio wince. Even still, we know our favorite pick of cars to steal within the game.

Watch the trailer below and see if you can spot the ‘R8’ scenes. You may also notice a sedan parked near a helicopter with some very Audi-like blister fender arches as well. Thanks to Autoblog for the tip.

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