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Choice Gear: GoPro Hero3 Launches

In a world where YouTube-born celebrities like Justin Bieber move straight to the top and capturing experiences for sharing on the web is paramount, it’s not surprising that the simple little GoPro HERO has become ubiquitous. We became convinced of the fact last year as we watched top photographers in the 24 Hours of Le Mans media center toss these consumer accessible simplistic little cameras into their bags as they headed out on track. Admittedly, we too are amongst that group. We’re guessing you’ve likely discovered the handiness of the HERO as well, so we’re also guessing you’ll be most interested in the launch of their latest – the GoPro HERO3.

Not surprisingly, improvements are as you might expect. The HERO3 sports higher resolution and a more compact package for better performance in even tighter spaces. The new offering will come in three flavors.

The HERO3 Black Edition ($399) boasts a 12MP sensor that can shoot 4K video at 15 frames per second, 1440P at 48 frames per second, 1080P at 60 frames per  second and 720P at 120 frames per second. The HERO3 Silver Edition ($299)  will come with an 11 MP sensor and the HERO3 White Edition ($199) has a simpler and cheaper 5 MP sensor. Each will feature Wi-Fi capability, including a Wi-Fi remote and app compatibility.

More Information:

Below is a sample video from GoPro that can give you a better idea of just what the new HERO3 is capable of.

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