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Choice Gear: Sport quattro-Inspired Wall Clock by Heritage Racing

As we’ve covered before, the values of Audi’s Sport quattro have gone a bit crazy.  With nice examples trading for nearly half a million dollars, those among us who can’t quite swing that type of cash can only satisfy our lust with Sport quattro knickknacks and other assorted model-inspired items.  With the latest release from Heritage Racing, we can now add a wall clock to that list.

Drawing inspiration from the Sport quattro’s speedometer (and many other Audi speedo’s of that era), the clock measures 8.25″ square, and is hand-made by the father/son team of Jeff and Casey Maciejewski.  As an added bit of customization, the team will plug your Audi’s year into the odometer, making each unit unique.

Since the text only displays miles per hour and not units of time, we can’t say that this will be the most practical timepiece you ever purchase, but the extremely low $30 price point more than makes up for it.

Check out the Sport quattro wall clock and everything else Heritage Racing offers, here.

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