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Find of the Day: Rare Bugatti EB110 Alloys on Ebay

If you follow trends in the aftermarket and at enthusiast shows, restored exotic and motorsport wheels may just be some of the coolest alloy you can fit to your car… and the more exotic the better. In that vein may we humbly cast your attention toward a listing we’ve found on Ebay thanks to Black Forest Industry’s Facbook fan page.

What you see here are Bugatti EB110 wheels manufactured by BBS back in 1991 and assembled using an aircraft spec “Huck” fastener. Effectively, the “Huck” is a rivet, whereby a special tool grabbed the back of the fastener and stretched it. It was then crimped/clamped at the back and snipped off at the end. Fascinating… and fascinatingly expensive we’re guessing.

The wheels themselves are said to be in as-new condition and feature polished lips. Looking at the shot above, we believe them when they say the wheels are central screw style, but they’re also drillable with 5×120 (20mm hole) casting in the back of the wheel. The seller claims it’s possible to redrill in 5×112, 5×114.3, 5×120 or 5×130. Two wheels are 18×9 et 38.5 and two are 18×12 et 51.2 with 65 mm centers.

Judging by the shot of the B5 A4 also included in the ad, we’re guessing this has been done successfully before and we’re assuming the seller is speaking from experience. While it’d be a shame to see a brand new set of EB110 wheels get modded, drilled and whatever to fit something else, we’re certain of two things.

1) If you’re up in bidding against an EB110 owner, then expect to lose the auction.

2) If you are the lucky owner and manage to fit them to your car, we hope you enjoy the ‘ghetto’ feeling you give other owners wtih lesser setups like Bentley wheels (insert sarcastic tone).

See the listing HERE.

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