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Urban Werks Gives Suzuka Grey R8 the Ceramic Pro Treatment

Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based Urban Werks has been making quite a name for themselves lately, offering high-end detailing services to private customers and dealership chains in and around central Pennsylvania.  Recently, they applied their knowledge and the extremely impressive Ceramic Pro detailing products to a customer’s daily-driven Suzuka Grey R8.


Although it once carried a nearly $200k price tag, this R8 encounters the trials of a daily driven life: stone chips on the highway, sun exposure, and the potential for something to damage the diamond-stitched leather seats.  As such, the owner of this particular example set his sights on what some are calling the ultimate protection against the everyday hazards by investing in Ceramic Pro, an all-over, permanent, nano-ceramic coating. Of its many features, Ceramic Pro demonstrates a high gloss finish, an unmatched super hydrophobic effect, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, thermal resistance, and is anti-grafitti. So in other words, it’s a perfect solution for the ultimate daily driver.


For this particular job, the vehicle owner turned to Urban Werks, one of just three Ceramic Pro certified installers in the area. Like any detail or paint correction service, the process began with your basic wash and clay bar, followed by light polishing. Moving to the interior first, Urban Werks owner Neil Maser applied Ceramic Pro Leather to the seats, door cards, and other leather surfaces, and Ceramic Pro Textile to the carpet. Featuring the aforementioned hydrophobic effect, the Ceramic Pro Leather coating does not allow liquid spills to be absorbed into the R8’s diamond quilted buckets, instead beading up on the surface to be easily wiped away.  Not just a savior for the clumsy, the UV resistance of this coating also helps to reduce the aging of the leather, keeping it incredibly soft.


Additionally, the Urban Werks team applied Ceramic Pro Rain to all of the glass surfaces. Think of it as a sort-of Rain-X on steroids, specifically designed to be extremely durable without affecting the motion of the wiper blades.


With the inside wrapped up, Neil moved his focus to the V10 Plus’s exterior, including its body panels, engine bay, wheels, exposed carbon fiber and brake calipers.  Each exterior panel was coated with Ceramic Pro 9H, which forms a permanent bond to the paint work and will not wash away or break down.  Acting much like the lifetime detailing product we’ve dreamed about for years, 9H can only be removed by abrasion, while offering an incredible amount of protection to the paintwork. You can literally strike the coated surface with a lighter and wipe away any imperfections.


As a final measure of protection, the team applied a topcoat of Ceramic Pro Light, allowing water to bead up and roll off the surface, taking with it any dirt or grime. With both Ceramic Pro Light and Ceramic Pro 9H paired together, gloss and the hydrophobic effects are intensified, in addition to unmatched protection against any unwanted bug guts, bird droppings, and road paint or tar.


In total, the process took two full days, allowing the V10 Plus to return to daily driving duties fully protected. Those in the Lancaster, PA area can see the vehicle on display at Urban Werks’ Open House on December 5th, when all are invited to check out the shop, and the unique capabilities of Ceramic Pro.

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