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Video: Forza Horizon Adds Rally Expansion Pack

The boundaries of the Forza franchise expanded back in October with the addition of the new Forza Horizon virtual reality game. Rather than hardcore driving sim as has been every variant of Forza before it, this game is more in the spirit of gaming icons like Grand Theft Auto, though you’ll instead drive your own cars here to races within the context of an automotive festival and concert based in Colorado. Even better, the latest Forza Horizon expansion pack further broadens the appeal of the game with a focus on rally.

With cars like the Audi Sport quattro and countless Lancias and Subaru, you could have probably figured that rally was a natural place for the game to go. If you’re a regular to the game or perhaps have been an Xbox owner on the fence about picking up Horizon, we suspect you’ll want to check out this teaser video. Watch it below.

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