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ACNA: Spots Still Available at Potomac Region Summit Point Driver Clinic

Audi Club Potomac Chesapeake Chapter is hosting its annual driver’s clinic on Saturday, October 6 for one day at Summit Point Raceway’s Jefferson Circuit.  Sponsored by Criswell Audi in Annapolis, Maryland, this is an excellent program geared toward non-track driving folks who want or need to learn about how to be a better, safer, more controlled driver on the street.

The event  begins with classroom seminars that discuss car control dynamics and safety. Then, attendees head out to the car, with an instructor riding  shotgun, to perform exercises that are designed to teach you how to drive safer and more controlled.  Instruction will touch on every aspect of driving including proper vision, smooth inputs, awareness of what the car is doing, road conditions, and many others.

After the exercises, drivers will return to the classroom to discuss what they learned. In the afternoon, attendees will head back out to drive the short, safe racetrack to bring it all together. Drivers will still have an instructor riding with you and will be able to safely explore the limits of your car without risks of traffic, pedestrians, curbs, or cops to put a damper on the fun. Please note, participants will not be racing or pushed into any sort of racing or competition. Therefore, there is no pressure to perform or to show off.

Should you attend, you absolutely will walk away having had fun and learning a lot at the same time. If you enjoy driving, want to be safer, want to learn more about how to avoid accidents and injury, or simply want to feel more at one with your car since you love it so much, then you are a perfect candidate for this school! Don’t hesitate. Get signed up! The cost is small, no preparation for the car is required AND Criswell Audi is supplying lunch as a bonus!

Take a look at what’s in store and see how much fun there is to be had. This video was from the last event.

Head on over to Create your profile on the Chapter’s website, then navigate to Events > Full Event Listing and get signed up for this event.

See you at the track!

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