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Event Coverage: Worthersee 2016 Part 1

While traditionally a “Volkswagen Event”, Worthersee has seen an influx of four-ring’d vehicles in the past decade.  So much so, that the brand now sets up shop in the small lakeside Austrian village, bringing concept vehicles specifically targeted at the enthusiast set, making Reifnitz look more like an auto show than an outright town.  As such, our man abroad Si Gray has made his annual pilgrimage from the British countryside to the Austrian Alps, bringing us nearly non-stop coverage from Worthersee for the next week.
So far, this year’s event has been somewhat of an interesting one.  Low temperatures, nearly a foot of snow and days of rain have hampered turnout slightly, but the impressive level of your average car has not diminished at all.  At this point, Si has been on the ground for four days, already supplying us with a few hundred shots.
Fortunately for us, quite a few of them have been Audi-specific.  So rather than do a day-by-day breakdown as we’ve been doing on VWvortex, we’ll be taking it a few days at a time here on Fourtitude.
Be sure to check out all of the images here, and keep an eye out for additional coverage later this week.

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