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Event Preview: Audi Expo 2012 in the Pacific Northwest

Perhaps given the shared componentry and definitely due to plenty of shared enthusiasm, Audi enthusiasts seeking events to attend often find themselves sharing a show field with owners of their cars’ Volkswagen corporate cousins. Not so with Audi Expo, an event that expands upon the idea of the old North East Audi Expo held back in the day on the East Coast and relocates it to the equally Audi obsessed Pacific Northwest.

With the east coast event long gone, this event now operates as “The Audi Expo” and its growth warrants the singularity. This all-Audi event now boasts involvement by Audi of America and thus the display of the new S7, S8 and A3 e-tron. Further, it’s relocated to the Griot’s Garage flagship retail store and event center.

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest and looking for a great activity this coming weekend, look no further than the Audi Expo. Details can be found below.

Audi Expo

When: Saturday July 7th, 4-9 PM

Where: Griot’s Garage Flagship Retail Store & Event Center
3333 S 38th St, Tacoma, WA 98409, USA

Where to Sign Up:

P.S. Due to scheduling conflicts our East Coast-based staff will be unable to attend Audi Expo 2012. We would love though to include coverage and photography for our readers. If anyone is going and would like to contribute photography and even an event report, we’d be interested in talking to you. Email

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