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Event Preview: Carlisle Import & Performance Weekend for Audi Enthusiasts

The “Carlisle Import” weekend has been a longtime favorite of Audi enthusiasts residing in the North East. Held each spring in the small town of Carlisle, PA, this weekend-long event offers a little something for everyone. Given the prominence, here’s a quick guide from the Audi Club North America of just what Audi enthusiasts will want to make sure not to miss if they attend and with events listed in chronological order.

Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals

When: May 20-21 7AM-6PM, May 22 7AM-3PM

Where: Carlisle Fairgrounds, 1000 Bryn Mawr Road, Carlisle, PA

First off is the show itself. This three-day event (May 20-22) is about to grow even larger with the merger of Carlisle’s compact tuning show as well. A laid-back show field partitioned out by brand is the main focus for most Audi enthusiasts, but the show features plenty more to see and do. Other attractions include a large vendor area, a car corral of vehicles for sale, autocrossing, invitational display, race vehicle display, on-field dyno, kids’ activity center, and much, much more. The event also includes on-site camping for those on a budget or seek a total immersion in the car experience.

You’ll want to make sure to pre-register if you’re coming, because event planners say registrations for this year’s event already outnumber last year’s total car participation. Make sure to register as part of the “Audi Club”, a general term used by most participating Audi enthusiasts in order to better help the attendance competition against other brands, and also to earn tents and other benefits for Audi-owning attendees. More information on the show can be found at the Carlisle Website.

Audi Owner Dinner at Market Cross Pub & Brewery

When: May 20, 6PM

Where: Market Cross Pub & Brewery, 113 North Hanover St., Carlisle, PA

Repeat attendees will tell you that there’s a core group of hardcore Audi enthusiasts who plan the on-field show presence, cookout and more. This group also plans an annual dinner at the Market Cross Pub & Brewery in downtown Carlisle. Set early in the weekend on Friday night, the gathering is a great way to decompress from the drive in or simply catch up with old friends or meet new ones.

If you’re planning to attend, make sure to drop an email to in order to make sure they have enough space for all attending.

ACNA Mid-Atlantic Caravan to Carlisle

When: May 21, 6:15AM-6:30AM Meet, 6:30AM-8:00AM Caravan

Where: King of Prussia Mall, Maggiano’s Restaurant Parking Lot, 205 Mall Blvd, King of Prussia, PA

Should you be coming to Carlisle on Saturday from the Philadelphia area or points east, you can join the ACNA Mid-Atlantic Chapter for a caravan of Audi owners. The group will assemble between 6:15-6:30 AM in the Maggiano’s restaurant parking lot at the King of Prussia Mall and then travel first to the Audi Owner Breakfast at Audi Mechanicsburg, then on to the show after that.

To join Audi Club North America Mid-Atlantic Chapter at this event, please RSVP via e-mail to Saul Rivkin at: no later than Thursday, May 19, 2016.

Audi Owner Breakfast & Parts/Accessories/Clothing Charity Sale at Audi Mechanicsburg

When: May 21, 8AM-10AM

Where: Audi Mechanicsburg, 356 Woods Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA

Each year, local dealership Audi Mechanicsburg hosts a catered breakfast free of charge on Saturday morning (8-10AM) for Audi owners coming to Carlisle. In addition to checking out the latest models Audi has to offer and filling up on breakfast ahead of the event, the show also includes a sale of Audi items fundraiser for the dealer’s charity of choice Safe Harbour.
Now in its second year, the charity sale will again feature a mix of Audi parts, accessories and Audi collection items donated by Audi of America’s after sales team and delivered to the dealership by the Audi Club North America. Items will include several sets of wheels in mainly B8 sizing, sample Audi collection jackets and shirts, roof accessory rack bars and attachments, floor mats, marketing posters and more. Pricing will be whatever you think the item is worth with 100% of the money collected going to Safe Harbour. Wheels will be the sole pricing exception, with pre-determined unpublished minimum prices and will only be sold full sets.

Audi enthusiasts need not attend the show itself to participate in the Audi owner breakfast All Audi owners are welcome to attend and take part.

Carlisle Weekend Event Schedule for Audi Enthusiasts (Audi-Only Events in Red)

Friday, May 20

7AM-7PM                     Gates Open, Fairgrounds

8AM-10AM                   Autocross, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

9AM-5PM                     Passport Checkpoints Open, Show Field, Fairgrounds

10AM-12PM                  Drifting Competition, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

11AM-4PM                    Carlisle Elite Selections Chosen, Show Field, Fairgrounds

12PM-2PM                    Autocross, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

2PM-4PM                      Drifting Competition, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

3PM                             Seminar: Rust Repair, Seminar Tent, Fairgrounds

4PM-5:30PM                 Autocross, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

5:30PM-7PM                 Drifting Competition, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

6PM                             Audi Owner Dinner, Market Cross Pub, Carlisle, PA

Saturday, May 21

6:15AM-6:30AM            ACNA Mid-Atlantic Caravan Meet, Maggiano’s, King of Prussia, PA

7AM-7PM                     Gates Open, Fairgrounds

8AM-10AM                   Audi Owner Breakfast, Audi Mechanicsburg, Mechanicsburg, PA

8AM-10AM                   Audi Charity Sale, Audi Mechanicsburg, Mechanicsburg, PA

8AM-10AM                   Autocross, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

9AM-5PM                     Passport Checkpoints Open, Show Field, Fairgrounds

10AM-12PM                  Drifting Competition, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

10AM-5PM                    Drive-Thru Judging, Judging Tents, Fairgrounds

10AM-5PM                    Kids’ Activity Center Open, Building R, Fairgrounds

11AM                           Seminar: How to Get Your Car on Track, Seminar Tent, Fairgrounds

12:30PM                       Seminar: Concours Prep, Seminar Tent, Fairgrounds

12:30PM-2PM                Autocross, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

2PM                             Seminar: Wiring Diagnostics, Seminar Tent, Fairgrounds

2PM-4PM                      Drifting Competition, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

3PM                             Low Car Limbo, Grandstand, Fairgrounds

3:30PM                         Seminar: Speed Tuning, Seminar Tent, Fairgrounds

4PM                             Ms. Carlisle Competition, Main Stage, Fairgrounds

4PM                             Drive-Thru Judging Last Call

4PM-5PM                      Autocross, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

5PM                             Scenic Cruise (self-guided, pick up map at Guest Services or Gate 3)

5PM                             Rolling Exhaust Contest, Gate 6, Fairgrounds

5PM-7PM                      Drifting Competition, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

7PM                             Burnout Contest, Grandstand, Fairgrounds

7PM-8PM                      Autocross, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

8PM                             Drive-In Movie: Love the Beast, SAAB Area in Swedish Field

Sunday, May 22

7AM-3PM                     Gates Open, Fairgrounds

8AM-11AM                   Autocross, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

9AM                             Worship Service (non denominational), Grandstand, Fairgrounds

9AM                             Winners List Posted & Awards Pickup, Guest Services Building, Fairgrounds

9AM-12PM                    Passport Checkpoints Open, Showfield, Fairgrounds

11AM-2PM                    Drifting Competition, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

2PM-3PM                      Autocross, Autocross Track, Fairgrounds

About the Audi Club North America

Audi Club North America (ACNA) is the largest club of Audi aficionados in the world. The club offers unique opportunities to enhance the Audi ownership experience – from technology and performance to lifestyle and community.

ACNA is a non-profit partnership of Audi owners brought together by the shared enthusiasm for the quality, performance, handling and safety benefits of the Audi automobile. ACNA enjoys the unique position of being the only officially sanctioned Audi Car Club in North America by Audi of America and Audi AG.

ACNA chapters organize group driving experiences, socials, tech sessions, adult and teen driver education, charity events and more. Almost 10,000 members enjoy a wealth of opportunities to explore the Audi ownership experience—from performance and technology to lifestyle and community. Audi club members purchased approximately $30M in new cars in 2015!

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