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2013 detroit naias audi 151 960x480 photo

NAIAS 2013: Day 2 Photo Gallery – A Closer Look at the Audi Stand

The 2013 North American International Auto Show is a wrap… well… at least the media days are. The event itself will now open to the public, though we’ve packed up, returned to our offices and are now sorting through all we’ve brought home. A report written from the Audi perspective will come tomorrow, but for now we’ve got even more photos from the show floor and have completed their upload to our photo gallery.

Day 2 at an auto show usually means a little more perspective. The crazy schedule of media events is dialed back, while companies like Audi who presented on day 1 are able to fill the space used for the presentation and its audience with a few more display cars.  The crowd is just a bit more thin and we’re able to pull out the long lens and get some beauty shots.

Of course all of it is now in our photo gallery. See all the shots via the link to the right or also found below.

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