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Owner Gathering: Fourtitude A3 Forum Members Visit Audi of America

One of the things that we at Fourtitude are quite proud of is the sense of community that can be found among the various groups of our forum members. It’s always gratifying when we see the friendships and camaraderie that can develop in real life between people who meet each other in on this website. So when we saw a group of A3 owners putting together their own meet in the northern Virginia area that also happens to be home to the headquarters of Audi of America, we were happy to get involved and help bridge the event to our friends at Audi.

Mark Fruechtnicht, who is the product planner at Audi of America also happens to be a real enthusiast. We got in touch with Mark to let him know that some A3 fans would be meeting in Audi’s own back yard, and he graciously offered to arrange a tour of both the Audi offices and of the Audi Forum that resides in the headquarters building. He also enlisted Product Planning Specialist Denni Chu to come along as well.

The evening began with the arrival of the A3 group, most arriving together in a caravan of A3s. Mark and Denni were there to greet everyone, and they had on hand both a TTS coupe and an Audi Exclusive equipped R8 V10 for everyone to look over. The A3s were arranged in front of Audi headquarters for a quick photo shoot, and then everyone moved inside for the tour.

The visit began with the Audi Forum that resides in the entry area of the building. The Forum houses a number of cars including an R10 TDI LeMans prototype racer, but the clear favorites of the evening were a V10 R8 Spyder and a TT RS coupe. Mark and Denni both answered various questions about the cars, and the group got their fill of sitting in and generally trying out each car’s cockpit.

When everyone had their fill of the Audi Forum, Mark and Denni took the group upstairs to Audi’s offices for a quick swing through the area where the Audi team does their work each day. Everyone was impressed with the modern design of the space, and especially with the large LCD display that occupies a central position in the building’s atrium. Mark explained that among other things, the display shows every car that anyone configures using the builder on Audi USA’s website, allowing them to keep their finger directly on the pulse of the US consumer.

At the conclusion of the tour, the entire group drove to a local brewpub for dinner. Mark and Denni joined the caravan as well, with one lucky passenger taking the opportunity to ride in the TTS and another in the R8. More stories and jokes were swapped over dinner, and by the end of the night some online friendships were made concrete in the real world.

Fourtitude would like to extend thanks to Mark, Denni, and Audi of America for their gracious help and support, and to our users for arranging the meet and being a great community of people.

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