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Gulf Audi R8 LMP and Lamborghini Shooting Brake at Salon Privé

A major event on the UK concours calendar is Salon Privé. The event took place from the 5th-7th of September at West London’s Syon Park. For companies like Bentley, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin, this event is met with an official presence. That’s not the case with Audi, though that didn’t stop it from being most interesting to Audi fans and fans of its subsidiaries Lamborghini and Ducati.



Most interesting to our eye was the sole Audi seen on the grass at this year’s Salon Privé. This car, an Audi R8 LMP driven by Stefan Johansson at the 2001 24 Hours of Le Mans is a striking Gulf livery. The car was a privateer effort and unable to beat the Audi factory squads, but its great-looking blue and orange Gulf look made it a must-add for the ROFGO Gulf Collection. That car, in addition to a Lamborghini Gallardo GT2 racer, makes up a considerable collection of 18 vehicles in the collection and was displayed on the Supercar Lawn section of the event.

Italian design house Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera celebrated its 60th anniversary  at the event with a large collection of cars styled by the fabled firm. Among the more recent examples of their work was the Audi-powered Gumpert Tornante.

Another themed display focused on what the British term the “estate car” or station wagon. Of course this being a sportscar-focused show, many of these were of the two-door coupe-based “Shooting Brake” variety. Among the more eye-catching were the Lamborghini Flying Star, a concept from the 1961 Turin Motor Show, and a Ferrari 330 VG Vignale shooting brake owned by Jamiroquai front-man and admitted Audi fan Jay Kay.

As is typical of these sorts of events, VIPs can usually be spotted within the crowd. Not surprisingly, Jay Kay  was in the mix. So too was legendary racer Derek Bell, who might be better known around these pages for his term competing in the Audi S4 Competition in the World Challenge GT series in the early 2000s.

Below is a press release from the Salon Privé that announced the event that explains organizers’ plans for the weekend in great detail. [SOURCE: Salon Privé]

London, 28 May 2012 – Salon Privé is proud to announce that endurance racing legend and five times Le Mans winner, Derek Bell MBE, will once again lead the Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance judges in September.

With Salon Privé taking place this year from 5th – 7th September, Derek will be joined at the Luxury Supercar Event & Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance by a panel of prestigious judges from the worlds of motorsport, automotive, design and the media for judging day on 7th September.

Joining Derek as Concours judges will be:

Derek Bell, chief judge for this year’s Concours at Salon Privé said: “With such an exquisite line up of exclusives and debuts, it is an honour to have been asked to be chief judge again this year at Salon Privé.   I am particularly excited about the very special ROFGO Gulf collection and the line-up of unique shooting brakes.  The only place on earth you will see such a gathering of automotive rarities is Salon Privé at Syon Park in September – and I for one wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

2012 will be the seventh consecutive Salon Privé and will boast a range of new features and exhibits, with more supercar and premium brands than ever before.


Expected to steal the limelight at this year’s event is the very special ROFGO Gulf Collection.

Salon Privé is delighted to be able to unearth this rare collection of Gulf cars from Adrian Hamilton’s country house and bring them to Syon Park on full public view together for the very first time.

These cars, instantly recognisable from their iconic sky blue and orange livery, stretch right back from 1967 (the 1967 Mirage was the first Gulf-liveried car to run at Le Mans) to the present day (the 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo competed in the GT2 Championship).

In a year when Her Majesty The Queen celebrates the 60-year Diamond Jubilee, the Mercedes-Benz Gullwing is also celebrating its own 60th anniversary in the public eye and will be on display in all its glory at Syon Park this September.

Named because of its unusual “Gullwing” upwards lifting doors, the car was initially conceived as a purpose-built racing sports car and went on to achieve immediate iconic status – as evidenced by 2011’s equally striking tribute SLS, also exhibited at Salon Privé in 2012.

There will also be a special exhibit dedicated to memorable cars from the movies, including some rare DeLorean examples and a number of vehicles from the Bond franchise of 007 films over the years.

As always there will be some exquisite collectors’ models from overseas, including a number of unique one-offs such as:

Luxury motorbikes will take their rightful place on the Salon Privé lawn, led by some beautiful custom Harley Davidson models direct from Milwaukee, from 1912 to 2012.

In a year of anniversaries, it is also the 25th birthday of the iconic Ferrari F40 – a collection of which will lead the way at this year’s Concours d’Elégance.

The memorable Italian supercar, which was produced from 1987 to 1992, will be one of the jewels in Salon Privé’s crown this year. A mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, two door coupé, the F40 was the fastest, most powerful and most expensive car that Ferrari sold to the public. Only 1,315 F40s were manufactured in total, several of which will form a central part of this year’s Concours.

Alongside the event’s impressive portfolio of partners will be a number of new brands representing sectors such as yachts and yacht brokers, luxury marble, accessories, fashion, furniture and audio-visual equipment.

New for 2012 will be a special ‘Aviation Lawn’, which will provide the event’s high net worth guest list with a greater insight into the ownership and charter options that exist within the private aviation industry.

The inaugural Art and Memorabilia Fayre will also take place on the Concours Lawn, supported by the Zurich-based private bank, EFG International and featuring a fabulous collection of automotive paintings, prints and photographs from yesteryear and the current day. This artwork will feature some of the most iconic racing liveries ever seen.

In keeping with this year’s somewhat Italian theme, three dazzling Touring Superleggera Disco Volante will arrive on Syon Park’s lawns for the first time, fresh from a recent debut at the Geneva International Motor Show for the 2012 model.

This modern flying saucer is built on the bones of the Alpha Romeo 8C Competizione and boasts 443 horsepower from the rear wheels of the car.

The Touring Superleggera is set to turn a few heads at Syon Park in September.

Also representing iconic Italian design will be a special Concours d’Elégance class dedicated to the Bugatti vintage competition series – perhaps the most valuable gathering of automotive royalty to grace the Salon Privé lawn in the event’s history.


Indicative of Salon Privé’s ongoing success is the news thatChubb Insurance has signed a new three-year deal to hold title rights for the world class Concours d’Elégance. With the quality of the cars already renowned and with this year’s range of cars set to top previous years’ line-ups, the Concours event is widely regarded as one of the top three classic car Concours in the world, alongside Villa d’Este and Pebble Beach.

This year, the Concours will be renamed ‘The Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance at Salon Privé.” Chubb Insurance is acknowledged as the leading insurer of classic cars and supercars and is a company that has won more awards than any other specialist insurer.

The all-new Art and Memorabilia Fayre makes its debut on the Concours Lawn, supported by the Zurich-based private bank, EFG International.

Meanwhile, Salon Privé will also welcome back a loyal portfolio of sponsors of previous years, including:

Wednesday 5th September 2012 – Salon Privé Press Day (11am to 5pm)

Thursday 6th September 2012 – Boodles Ladies Day (11am to 5pm)
The Diamond Jubilee Ball (7pm to 1am)

Friday 7th September 2012 – Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance Judging Day (11am to 7pm)

With more to enjoy than ever before, Salon Privé is shaping up to be a fabulous sell-out event once again in 2012.  Tickets are fully inclusive of Pommery champagne, lobster luncheon, English afternoon tea and provide full access to all areas.

Tickets can be purchased via the Salon Privé website or by calling the ticket hotline +44 (0) 808 100 2205.


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