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Via4T: Wolfsgart 2012 Event Coverage on Audiworld

With a venue located in Vermont, New England’s Wolfsgart show was a bit off of our radar . Billed mainly as an air-cooled VW and Porsche event, we wondered just how necessary it was to include on our summer show schedule. Now we look over the photo galleries and coverage over on Audiworld, and we’re second-guessing our choice. The show was actually open to all types of German cars, and that’s exactly what turned up.

First and foremost, make sure to check out the coverage and galleries linked above and at the bottom of this text. Second, perhaps you’re wondering why we chose the red Volkswagen to feature in the header image on our Audi news site. Simple, this very, very early Dasher wagon (B1 Passat to European readers) shares more than a passing resemblance to the B1 Audi Fox (80 to the Europeans). In fact, these earliest versions were virtually identical save the grille and some other trim.

European fans of the B1 will likely point out that there never was an 80 Avant for the B1. That may be technically true, but it’s not entirely the case. America got an 80 Avant that was basically a rebadged Dasher and it the earliest examples looked just a bit like the car above. Frankly, the car above has us very inspired to do a B1 80/Fox Avant project of our own… maybe of the stanced variety.

While we consider such a project, you might want to follow that link now and see the rest of the fine New England Audis that showed up to Wolfsgart HERE.


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