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Worthersee Gallery #2: Audi TT ultra quattro concept Pics from audi4ever

We’re now less than a day away from the official opening of Wörthersee and thus the official unveiling of the Audi TT ultra quattro concept as well as public viewing of the official Audi stand. That’s not to say super fans don’t show early though and last week’s laid back attendance is a good example. Another example is that of Austrian Audi blog who managed to get into the section of Reifnitz housing the Audi stand in order to nab some photos and video of the much anticipated lightweight TT design study.

Our friend Manfred, editor over at audi4ever, must certainly know the event well. Our own staff who’ve attended the event before say that the police keep all but the locals away from the city center as Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda set up their displays and the town prepares for the tidal wave of fans. Clearly Manfred managed to get past them and was paid off by access to an Audi stand that was not wall-to-wall people.

Even better for Audi enthusiasts, Mafred also got shots of most details of the TT ultra quattro concept. These include a more detailed look at elements like bodywork, engine bay, those carbon fiber wheels and the internal structural complexity of the TT’s carbon fiber hood. The shots confirm a few things, including what we could have guessed based on power output – that the TT’s engine is likely the same as the new MQB-based S3, confirmed again by the engine cover.

Video (below) gives you a first hand impression of the graphics-driven instrument cluster that we believe to be an early rendition of what will be found in the next-generation TT as well as some trick concept features like camera-based rearview mirror with imagery fed to the central screen. The short spot also includes a sampling of the engine note.

Check back throughout the week for even more photos from Reifnitz thanks to contributors like Manfred and our own Jamie Vondruska who arrived in Worthersee today. Also make sure to check out – one of our favorite German-language Audi blogs. They’ve already got lots of first-hand Worthersee content that you’ll not want to miss.


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