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Worthersee Gallery #4: Audis in Reifnitz from audi4ever

In addition to plenty of photos of the Audi TT ultra quattro and the rest of the Audi stand, our friends over at the Austrian Audi blog  have submitted even more photos of enthusiast owned Audis from around the streets, parking lots and fields of Reifnitz.

As you might imagine, the range of Audis at such a large event is quite wide. Very vintage all the way up to the most modern are jammed into this little Austrian town this week, with both levels and style of modification also varying widely. Bagged stance cars sit along side highly-tuned performance builds and the OE+ trend of grabbing wheels and other goods from the partsbin is also highly evident.

We’ve added hundreds of shots to our Worthersee 2013 photo gallery courtesy of All of the new uploads can be found under the gallery dedicated to audi4ever, though you can also find folders dedicated to specific models where we’ll be amassing shots from all of our contributors throughout the event.

Expect more photos from Worthersee later this afternoon. We’ve just begun downloading shots from our own editor Jamie Vondruska who’s just finished his own day at the show. For now, enjoy these shots via our gallery linked in the usual spots below and to the right.

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