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Find of the Day: 1985 Audi Turbo Ur-Quattro Coupe

Barrett-Jackson has proclaimed 2016 the ‘Year of the Poster Car’, and while this particular Turbo Ur-Quattro Coupe won’t be offered this year in Scottsdale, it still is very much a product of that line of thinking.  One of just 664 brought to the United States, this relatively rare Turbo Ur-Quattro Coupe features everything that made us originally fall for the brand: Group-B inspired box-flares, quattro all-wheel-drive, and a turbocharged 5-cylinder engine.


Currently being offered as a Bring A Trailer auction, this particular example has covered just over 117,000 miles in its 30 years of existence.  As such, the interior appears to be well worn, although it does boast a crack-free dash and the original leather seats are in fairly good condition.  This ‘worn-yet-preserved’ theme extends to the exterior of the vehicle as well, with the seller noting that the car’s rust-free condition, and very few deviations from how it came from the factory.  The more detail oriented among us, however, will notice that European bumpers have been fitted as a subtle OEM+ touch during a previous respray.


At time of writing, this Turbo Ur-Quattro Coupe has been bid to a price of $20,000 with a little more than 3 days left in the auction.  Seeing what other poster cars of the era are currently bringing, we’d say that at its current price this car will be well bought.

Check out the full auction page, here.

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