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Find of the day 1995 Audi S6 Avant 299 960x480 photo

Find of the Day: 44K Mile 1995 Audi Ur S6 Avant on Ebay

There’s no doubt that when it comes to classic Audis, the 5-cylinder turbocharged engine is an icon. Beginning with the Sport quattro in 1985 and ending with mid-90s S-cars like the so-called “ur” S6, the motor proved a highly tunable heart that powered Audi’s post war era. As a result, the C4 Audi S6 remains highly sought after 20 years later, but finding a low mileage specimen is exceedingly difficult. That’s where today’s Find of the Day comes into play.

Find of the Day: 44K Mile Audi S6 Avant

The car you see here is listed on Ebay and located in Carson City, Nevada. Well maintained with likely no rust given its current desert home, it’s logged just over 44,000 miles… which is really unheard of for those familiar with these cars.

Find of the Day: 44K Mile Audi S6 Avant

Given the low mileage and well-preserved unmodified condition, maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that the owner has the buy-it-now option priced at $24,500. Thus far, bidding has risen to an also high for market figure of $13,664 and the reserve not met at the time of this writing.


Is the car worth the price well above market? This car lacks the optional and arguably more handsome Avus alloys. It’s also got the less preferable tan interior that is handsome, but also shows dirt and wear much more readily than black.

Find of the Day: 44K Mile Audi S6 Avant

We’d still argue that the price is fair to the right buyer. More often than not, S6 Avants of this era found on the market will be modified, tuned, worn and are commonly now above 200,000 miles. Someone wanting a time capsule would spend a lot more than even the buy-it-now trying to make a worn ur S6 into one of this condition.

Want to see more photos and learn more about the car? Head over to its listing on Ebay HERE.

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